* We build professional and really good looking responsive websites. Our websites are unique and follow’s the latest website design trends and technologies.
* All our built websites are so far have been fully customized to the client’s wishes.

* We offer building/designing and creating iOS and Android applications.
* If you need a docsis system to setup or a complete cable internet docsis ISP solution, we are here! we can offer you a complete setup configuring routers, docsis system, tftp/dhcp/dns/time servers and modem packages.

* Using the best available components and equipment for fiber optic splicing, we can offer the best performance fiber splicing, measuring cables, checking connections quality & splices quality using the best measurement equipment.

University/School administrations solution with full support for students logging, watching video classes, checking grades etc..  http://skola.fdsolutions.ba/

System Administration

 A strong team of system administrators will maintain your servers & networks, such as ATM network, Bank systems, VPN servers & networks, and all kinds of systems based on Linux/Unix.
 * Installation and setup video streaming systems, including creating streams, transcoding and a complete IPTV solutions. 
* We take care of security on all systems including Cisco firewalls, Linux servers and Networks.
* AWS – Amazon Web Services: Panel administration, servers setup, loadbalancing, creating private networks, firewalls, etc..
* KVS installation and setup including storage servers.